Monday, April 23, 2012

In the beginning....

So we have decided to homeschool our 7 & 5 year old girls. Yes many people think I'm nuts. But more often than not, I am met with praise, enthusiam and even envy. This has been an unexpected surprise. When we finally made the decision a few weeks ago, I was all ready with my defense - ready to defend how homeschooling offers my children a hands-on, fun approach to learning, how I will provide adequate socialization (this is a biggie), how I will keep my own sanity.....this list goes on. But I have to say, it's rarely been needed. I knew I would not have to defend HOW I would educate them; I am a certified teacher in NY state in both Special Education and Early Childhood Education with 15 years experience. I guess the 'shock' that I have received has been more about ME not subscribing to the status quo of public schools, being that I've dedicated my life and career to that very thing. Well, I have to say that 15 years in and around the public school system is a HUGE reason why I want to homeschool. I hope to highlight the process from the very beginning, give some insights into what I think the problems are with public schools and possibly help others who are going through the trials, and joys of homeschooling their own children. Who knows...maybe this blog will help me keep my sanity? We'll see..............


  1. familiar song.....I moved to Virginia because of the quality of the schools, and and most likely going to leave Virginia because of the reality of the schools....... As a teacher I feel like the schools have failed us completely. Good luck!

    1. We actually have good schools, it's the entire system I am against. I can't move somewhere else for that.......well I guess I could go abroad?!