Saturday, June 23, 2012

No more teachers, no more books............

So summer vacation usually signals the end of 'work' - no more homework, no more mandatory reading, no more math tests, etc. We all usually look forward to summer vacation - sleeping in, lazy days playing outside, swimming, trips,exploring our world......Sounds great and I am sooooooo looking forward to this. However, this year I am more excited because it is really the start of our homeschooling experience. Everything we LOVE about summer vacation is going to be how we spend everyday from now on. School in the summer? Hell YES!

There is so much learning that goes on when children are exploring. Learning doesn't have to be limited to a textbook or worksheet. For example, we are growing blueberries this year - yes we fell short of a full garden, but it's a start. My kids picked out the blueberry bushes, dug the holes, put in the peat moss & planted them, they water them regularly and will be picking and eating the blueberries soon!  We also planted butterfly bushes. Every summer we hunt for caterpillars and grow them into butterflies. We wanted to create a garden space for our butterflies this year. Hopefully it will attract more butterflies than we grow. My kids can study the different kinds of caterpillars, butterflies, what they eat, the patterns on their wings. We will surely go to the butterfly house at the Bronx Zoo and compare/contrast our butterflies to theirs. Maybe find out about plants they have and get them for our butterfly garden.

We also plan to travel this summer. We go camping a lot. One of our trips will be to Herkimer where the kids can go 'Diamond Mining.' I have never been there either so I am excited to learn about this. They will actually be digging up their own crystals. How fun! Be careful though and watch your wallets - they are planning on selling the crystals at $50 a pop in order to save up enough money to buy their own cruise ship!

I love the thought of children learning this way. It is so authentic, interesting and active. It will be so meaningful to them. I guess that's why my kids are excited to homeschool. This is how we have always done things. Now they get to do it full time.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Microscopic Toys

Ok so this really has nothing to do with homeschooling, but everything to do with kids. What the hell is up with all of these toys the size of a pin head?!?!Really?!?! Whose brilliant idea was it to come up with toys we can barely see? You know what I'm talking about - Polly Pocket, Baby Zoobles, tiny Lego pieces.....

Someone who hates Mothers must be inventing these toys - Baby Zoobles?!?! Zoobles are only the size of a quarter - WHY would you need a BABY one? And what about Squinkies? I mean really! It seems that every toy out there has a miniature version of itself. I know I'm talking about girl toys but I know it also exists with boy toys. But I guess as long as we continue to purchase these things, they will continue to make them.

I have to say I have fed into this a bit. I have purchased Polly Pockets - but in my defense, I had never really seen these things before I bought them. Ever since I tried to put a shoe on one of those friggin dolls, I am completely ANTI microscopic toys! We have them but I didn't buy them. And for those of your reading, for the love of God PLEASE stop buying them for my kids! lol

And while we're on the topic of ridiculousness and toys - WTF is up with toy packaging?!?! Why does a toy need to be wrapped in plastic, taped down with twist ties and screws? I think if the apocalypse happens, I am not going to care if Barbie has a hair out of place! It takes an hour to get each thing out of the box.

OK! I feel better now. Thanks :)