Saturday, November 3, 2012

Being Thankful...

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy and living in an area affected by the storm, I am reminded of how fragile life is. Looking at pictures of my hometown, the towns of my friends and family, and seeing the devastation is unreal. I am blessed to say that everyone I know and love is safe. Property is replaceable, people are not.

However, out of the rubble rises the human spirit. I am in awe of the strength of people and how we all come together in times of need. I have watched many friends go straight to the devastation to help others, neighbors taking in neighbors, local businesses organizing donations to take to those who lost everything...

I am particularly in awe of how social media played (and continues to play) a huge part in the organization of people, donations and information. In a few short hours, groups were formed, trucks were being loaded, people were headed to where they were needed. Everyone is looking for a way to help the unfortunate, the displaced. Social media helped stop the NYC Marathon! We live in a time, that with all the flaws of social media, it can be such a powerful tool for greatness. 

I love this sense of community, working together, taking care of each other and wish it would last. I know it won't and eventually we will all get back to our normal lives and start focusing on other things. I guess a time of crisis makes us focus on the basics, on what is really important. My wish is that we all keep that in mind when the smaller, less significant things in life become overbearing. So go hug your kids, call that old friend, make a donation. The mess can wait. The laundry can wait. The bills can wait. In a blink, it could be gone. Cherish the time you have and the people you love.

For those who have lost their homes, belongings, pets and loved ones. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Rest assured your neighbors to the north are working hard to get the things you need down to you. Stay strong. I hope this finds you warm, fed and safe. Much love.

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